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Around The Table

The St. Mary’s faith discussion group

A place where we can learn about our faith through discussion, sharing and listening and where all questions and opinions are equally valued

What is it?

Around the Table is a study group which welcomes everyone wherever you happen to be on your journey of faith. It thrives on the discussion of differing opinions. We start with a passage of scripture and examine it in the context and culture of the time in which it was written. We then try to see what we can learn from it and understand what it means for us in our own contemporary society. We conclude each evening by saying Compline together.

This year we are going to look in more detail at what was said in last Sunday’s sermon, going a bit deeper, offering our own thoughts and finding out what else might have been said.

When is it?

All sessions take place on Wednesdays at St. Mary’s Church and start at 7.30pm. They generally finish by around 8.45pm. And refreshments are provided!


    For more information

    Print: Around The Table Flyer

    Email: Chris Serbutt