Fairtrade aims to address the plight of marginalised producers across the world by paying a price that more than covers the cost of production and is guaranteed not to fall below an agreed minimum, even if world market prices fall. Additionally, a premium is paid for investment in the community and contracts are longer term, often with part payment up front, to provide security and enable planning.

Fairtrade producers meet certain standards too. Producers must be organised democratically, such as in a co-operative, and achieve good labour standards (including no forced or child labour). Quality and environmental standards are also met, ensuring consumers are guaranteed high quality products.

Why Fairtrade?

The Bible’s ‘bias to the poor’ manifests the Fairtrade principles of democracy, empowerment, equality, self-help and mutual care. We believe in a God who desires justice for all.

What are we doing?

St Mary’s is striving to become a Fairtrade Church by:

  • Using only Fairtrade products where possible
  • Encouraging users of its building to use Fairtrade
  • Encouraging members buy Fairtrade goods for home use
  • Running a Fairtrade stall from time to time (see Notice Board)
  • Joining campaign action events
  • Lobbying our MPs on trade justice issues
  • Joining with other churches in the area to promote Fairtrade principles

More Information

For more information see the Diocese of Southwark page on being a Fairtrade Diocese.