Remembrance Sunday

Services on Remembrance Sunday are:

8 am Said Eucharist (B.C.P.)

10:45 am Act of Remembrance and Sung Parade Eucharist (C.W.)

6:30 pm Evening Prayer (B.C.P.)

All are welcome to worship with us.

All Souls Requiem Eucharist

2nd November is the feast of All Souls when Christians are invited to give special thanks for the lives of our loved one’s departed this life. There will be a Solemn Eucharist of Requiem in Church this evening at 8 pm. All welcome.

Harvest Festival

Please join us to celebrate and give thanks for all the good things which we have received.

Harvest Festival Eucharist 9th October 10:30 am.

There will be a collection of tinned and packet food and toiletries and of money which we will send to Spires Streatham to help them in their invaluable work.

All welcome at our family festival Eucharist.